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  • Looking for extra income?
  • Want part-time work being your own boss?
  • Interested in becoming a Giggle Learn Distributor?
  • Call us to discuss your interest at (317) 294-0117 or email us 




Distributors carry inventory and purchase it in minimum quantities of 12 Giggle Facts Game Kits.  Varying discounts are available based on quantities.


Distributors generally hand deliver kits to their customers as part of the sales process. 


Distributors can offer promotions or discounts off of Retail Prices.

Sales Tax

Distributors must charge and remit sales tax on their Giggle Learn sales, where they are the seller/retailer of record.


Distributors earn income based on the difference between their wholesale purchase price and the retail sales price.


  • Learn more about this exciting opportunity today!  Call us and we will be happy to discuss it with you...we have more products coming soon! 

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