Giggle Facts Program Components

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Giggle Facts Math Program has 4 Main Components:


Total with Shipping

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1.  50 Games!!

2.  Manipulatives to play the games

3.  A Giggle Guide to assist parents and adults, which includes a detailed introduction to Giggle Facts, Strategy Sheets for each level A-Z, and Game Instruction Sheets

4.  A Student Giggle Guide for the child, with 52 Math Worksheets! - 26 Practice Worksheets and 26 Review Worksheets

Learn Math Facts now with Math Games

1.  Games, Games and Games!
There are 50 math games that have been organized into 26 levels, and 33 of the children's games are full-color, laminated game boards.  Way less than one dollar per game, with everything else included for free!  Each math game has a Game Instruction Sheet which:
  • Explains the Target Skill to be learned during play (ex: adding numbers with sums 2-6)
  • Explains the Object of the Game (ex: to be the player with the most cards)
  • Lists the Materials needed for the game
  • Lists the Number of Players
  • Explains how to play the Math Fact game

Sample Math Fact Game Boards

2. Giggle Facts Includes Manipulatives

  • Dice: includes 4-sided, 6-sided, 8-sided, 10-sided and 20-sided dice - 10 dice in all
  • Dominoes: a set of Double Six Dominoes stored in a wooden box, 28 dominoes total
  • Playing Cards: a regular deck of cards
  • Colored Chips: one set of blue and one set of red chips...these are used in some of the games
  • Game Pawns/Pieces: these are used to track and move around the game boards
  • Dry Erase Marker: used in some of the games to write on the laminated game boards (the surface simply wipes clean)
  • Stickers: the child places these on the Progress Chart once a level has been completed

Math Games come with cards, dice and dominoes for fun

3.  Giggle Guide

The adult will use the Giggle Guide throughout the entire Addition and Subtraction Math Facts Program.  It includes:

  • Strategy Sheets:  There is a Strategy for each level that provides an explanation of the specific Math Fact strategy that is to be taught, examples of Math Facts covered by each strategy, the importance of the strategy, and tips on how to best introduce the strategy to the student.  
  • Glossary:  A glossary of terms used throughout the Giggle Facts program is provided for the adult's reference.

4.  Student Giggle Guide

Each Giggle Facts Math Program Comes With a Student Giggle Guide.  It includes:

  • 52 Activity Worksheets & Review Worksheets:  The Activity Worksheets are to be completed after the math games from each Level have been played several times.  The Activity Worksheet has Math Facts from that particular Level, and the Review Worksheet is a review of Math Facts from all previous Levels.  Every Level introduces fun and new concepts but also continually reviews what has previously been learned so that the math facts are remembered and mastered.
  • Progress Charting:  The math kit has the student track his or her progress with colorful stickers as each Level is completed.  Children thrive on positive reinforcement, and the "charting and sticker" process encourages and praises them every step of the way as they succeed and Play Along The Way!
  • Hundreds Board:  A Hundreds Board is included at the back of the Student Giggle Guide as a useful reference for the student to see, learn and understand the relationship between numbers.  It can be used when introducing a new math strategy, and as a reference for the student while playing the games. 

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