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Enjoy our free math fact worksheets.  These are free sample worksheets taken directly from the Giggle Facts math program described on the right side of this page.  While you download and print our free worksheets, take a moment and consider all of the benefits you and your child would enjoy by buying our Giggle Facts math fact program.

Addition Math Fact Worksheets

Number Plus 0, Number Plus 1

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Sums: 0 to 12

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Sums: 0 to 18

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Subtraction Math Fact Worksheets

Differences: 0 to 5

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Differences: 0 to 7

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Differences: 0 to 9

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Giggle Facts

50 Math Games and Math Worksheets

for 4 to 8 year olds

The Giggle Facts Math Program helps elementary school students master their Addition and Subtraction Facts, and helps kids have an easier time learning many of the other math concepts  that they will encounter in elementary school.

Math Facts Are So Important...Learn Why

Giggle Facts
is Great for
elementary school students!

Try Giggle Facts Risk-Free for 14 Days...Why Not?

Includes 52 Math Worksheets and 52 Math Fact Games

Top 3 Reasons Many Teachers Recommend You Learn More About Giggle Facts™!

#1.  Instant recall of Math Facts is achieved through practice and repetition.  We teachers provide this at school of course, but extra work at home is needed to ensure mastery.  Giggle Facts makes this learning process fun and complete!

#2. Math Facts form the foundation of many of the more complex math concepts that kids will encounter in Math.  Mastering Addition and Subtraction Math Facts sets them on a path towards future math success.  Research proves it!.

#3. Let's face it, Flashcards and Worksheets alone are boring.  Most kids and adults don't enjoy just repetitively doing flashcards and worksheets Children love playing math games, cards and dominoes, and Giggle Facts is FILLED with fantastic, full-color laminated game boards that make learning Math Facts a lot of fun! 

Children need to spend time at home practicing Math Facts.  Giggle Facts reinforces the math strategies taught in the classroom, and incorporates many others as well.

For some children, the transition to adding and subtracting larger numbers can be difficult.  Giggle Facts helps students by giving them lots of fun practice with Math Facts, which eases the transition to working with larger numbers.

The math knowledge and number sense that students gain through the Giggle Facts math program will help them understand Multiplication and Division Fact Families later on in elementary school.

Giggle Facts teaches children the relationship between numbers (Number Sense), which in turn helps with math concepts such as skip counting, greater than / less than, before / after, odd and even numbers, etc.

Lean Math Facts with Dice, Dominoes, Cards, and More!

Instant Recall of Math Facts is IMPERATIVE to Learning Higher-Level Math Concepts.  Read What Researchers Have to Say...

Invest in Your Child's Math Success Today!  $39.99

52 Worksheets targeted at 26 levels of math fact mastery

Children who have mastered their Addition and Subtraction Math Facts will have an easier time adding and counting money, and learning how to make change. Giggle Facts allows children to develop their number sense, which makes skip counting with money easier.

Giggle Facts teaches students to break down larger numbers into their smaller components (tens and ones) through two different math strategies.  There is an Addition strategy named  Teens, and a Subtraction strategy named “More Teens” in the Giggle Facts math program that supports the math concept of Place Value. 

The keen number sense that students will develop through the Giggle Facts math program will aid them in understanding the tricky math concept of telling time.

We create fun and motivating educational games that children love to play.  Our company was formed by a teacher who is passionate about kids and about creating games to make their learning fun!

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