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About Giggle Facts

About Laurie Laurendeau,
the Teacher and Creator
Behind Giggle Facts

"My daughter feels more confident about her addition and subtraction facts now that she's playing her "Giggle Facts" math games".
-Dawn Holtzapple, Carmel, IN

"Laurie has an exceptional understanding of the concepts and strategies used to teach Numeracy.  She is perceptive and intuitive in identifying the needs and abilities of students.  She has demonstrated again and again that she is a life-long learner who strives for excellence in a changing World.  Laurie is a born teacher."
- Bonnie Hayden-Kraemer, Resource Teacher

"My daughter has never "begged" to do flashcards with me, but she sure "begs" to play Giggle Facts games."
- Jenny Topp, Indianapolis, IN

"Laurie has nurtured a love of learning in our daughter."
- Ted and Carol Scheffler, Parents

"Wow!  What a great way to learn addition and subtraction!  I hope everyone learns about Giggle Facts.  I am definitely going to tell all my friends about this program... it really works, and my kid and I are having so much fun together!"
- Stephanie Cook, Chicago, IL

"My son and I don't miss doing flashcards at all... the games in Giggle Facts are so much more fun!  He’s already on his way to understanding his math facts… thanks Giggle Facts!"
- Susan Montrose, Denver, CO

"Laurie is an exceptional teacher and possesses outstanding values and attitudes towards children and adults alike.  She sets realistic goals and works hard to achieve them with her students.  She is an experienced, natural teacher with her students - they respond to her, respect her and enjoy being taught by her.  She displays a sincere dedication in her effort to teach and support student learning and achievement.  She provides a warm, nurturing learning environment and teaches her students to be problem-solvers, decison-makers and life-long learners.  She truly knows how kids learn, and she appreciates and understands that there are many different ways for them to learn - she teaches to their individual learning styles and strengths."
- Ron Hustwitt, Principal

"I was happy to see the worksheets for my daughter to work on between levels.  I can really see if she has mastered each level before we move on to the next one.  We just started Level E, the “Number Sandwich” strategy where we just finished playing the board game called “Build a Sandwich”, and we both really had a lot of fun laughing and playing together.  Before we bought Giggle Facts, Cindy showed very little interest in learning her math, but now she loves playing these games with my husband and I so much that she’s asking to play them almost every day.  Thank you very much Laurie – what a wonderful math program you’ve created!"

- Judith Roberts, Amarillo, TX

"As a volunteer and parent in Laurie's class, I had the opportunity to observe her being consistently dedicated to her kids.  She implemented strategies that led to all children having success.  She is a wonderfully committed teacher who takes her responsibilities seriously."

- Eleanor Yach, Parent and Classroom Volunteer

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