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About Giggle Learn
 At Giggle Learn, our vision is to create fun and motivating math games that children love to play.  Our company was formed by a teacher who is passionate about kids, and about creating children's math games that allow them to have fun while they learn math! 
Check out Giggle Facts, our Addition and Subtraction Math Facts Program!  Your kids will love it!

Why Giggle Facts? 

  • Flashcards alone can be boring and frustrating for children and parents alike.  Giggle Facts promotes a fun learning environment!  Kids get to roll cool 20-sided dice (10, 8, 6 and 4-sided dice too!), use playing cards and dominoes, and move game pieces around 33 different children's board games.  Giggle Facts will engage your child's attention and make learning Math Facts fun!
  • Giggle Facts is EXTREMELY UNIQUE - kids don't have to wait until they have mastered their Math Facts before playing our 50 sequential, step-by-step children's board games.  This is unlike most other math fact games.
  • Our Addition and Subtraction Program breaks Math Facts into 26 step-by-step levels for incremental success and maximum Math Fact retention.
  • Parents and children are invited to sit and "just play games", spending quality time together, all while learning and mastering their math basics.

Math Facts Are So Important...Learn Why

A Math Facts Program with 50 Math Games and Worksheets for Children Aged 4 to 8.  Children love playing games while learning Addition and Subtraction Math Facts!

Check Out Laurie's Top 10 Reasons to Buy! (yes, we admit to having "borrowed" this idea...Cool)

Just One of Our Children's Board Games!

Playing Math Games Helps Kids Learn Math - Sample Childrens Board Games

Own Giggle Facts for less than $1.00 per game!


Program Outline
Giggle Facts is comprised of 50 Math Fact games, divided into 26 Levels A to Z.  The children's games should be played consistently each week.  Here is an outline of the program's step-by-step activities that will result in the child's mastery of Addition and Subtraction Math Facts:

  • Each of the 26 levels begins with a strategy.  The adult is introduced to the math strategy, and then explains it to the child
  • There are usually two games at each level.  The student gets to have fun while using the strategy to play the Math Fact games.  Every game is to be played several times until the child demonstrates understanding of the strategy or has retained the Facts at the current level.
  • Every level also has two Worksheets.  One math practice sheet provides practice for the Math Facts learned at the given level, and the other reviews all Math Facts learned to date.  This provides the constant review that children need to help them remember the facts they have already learned.  The student completes the Math Facts Worksheets and the adult checks the answers.  If the child does well on the Worksheets, he earns a sticker for his Progress Chart and moves on to the next level.  

Math Facts Program Components

Everything you need to play is included in one value-packed price!  The Addition and Subtraction Math Facts learning system includes:

  • 50 Games and Game Instruction Sheets
  • Manipulatives to play the childrens board games
  • A Giggle Guide to assist parents and adults, including a detailed introduction to Giggle Facts, and Strategy Sheets for each Level A-Z.
  • A Student Giggle Guide for the child, with 52 Practice Worksheets...LEARN MORE...

Giggle Facts Comes With All of This!

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