What are Math Facts?

A Math Fact is a math problem that a child needs to “just know”. For example, 5+8 is an Addition Math Fact, and 9-4 is a Subtraction Math Fact. Children need a lot of practice with Math Facts so that they can progress from using various counting strategies through to the desired end result of having instant recall and mastery of basic Addition and Subtraction Math Facts.

What are Math Facts
Why are Math Facts

Why are Math Facts Important?

Math Facts are important because they form the building blocks for higher-level math concepts. For example, adding and subtracting larger numbers, telling time, counting money, measurement, and long multiplication and division are all concepts that are significantly easier for a child to learn once he has mastered his Math Facts and has developed a keen number sense.

Quick Recall of Math Facts Critical

Independent research proves that higher-level math is more difficult to learn when children have not mastered their Math Facts. This research proves the need and importance for our children to master their Math Facts. A few quotes from the experts:

  • Educators and Cognitive Psychologists agree that the “ability to recall basic math facts fluently is necessary for students to attain higher-order math skills” (Whitehurst, 2003).
  • “Recent research in cognitive science, using MRI’s, has revealed the actual shift in brain activation patterns as untrained math facts are learned” (Delazer et al., 2003).
  • Instruction and practice cause math fact processing to move from a quantitative area of the brain to one related to automatic retrieval” (Dehaene, 2003).

Board Games Develop Number Sense

  • “Families that provide opportunites for children to…play simple board (games) and card games that require the players to count, add, subtract, and match are giving their children thinking challenges that develop their number sense” (Wakefield, 1997).
  • Research by Siegler and Ramani (2008) found a “correlation between math achievement and students’ exposure to board games at home.”
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Giggle Facts is the Answer!

Giggle Facts is a fun way for children to master their Math Facts. Our Math Facts Program allows students to play games at every level of learning, not solely as a review after learning is complete. Many Fact practice books and games only target a portion of the math skills necessary to master all the Facts. Many are based on rote memory, while others have special tricks to learn some of the Math Facts. Many games are only suitable to play once the student has learned all the Facts. Giggle Facts teaches the students not only to memorize their Addition and Subtraction Facts, but also to develop a better “number sense” that will enable them to truly understand the relationship between numbers. This will help them form a solid foundation for more advanced math concepts in years to come. Finally, the quality time you will spend together playing the games will be meaningful and enjoyable.