Q: I like for my daughter to fill out Math Fact worksheets so I can see if she knows her Addition and Subtraction Math Facts. Why is Giggle Facts so much better than good old-fashioned worksheets for her to learn math facts?

A: It’s true that worksheets have been used for many years by children practicing their Addition and Subtraction Math Facts. Worksheets provide a quick way for children to demonstrate their abilities, as well as a quick check for the parent. But sometimes the quickest way isn’t necessarily the most fun way or the best way long-term for learning math facts. Giggle Facts actually includes 52 worksheets divided into logical steps, but the main focus of the math program is the 50 fun games. So, Giggle Facts is really the best of both worlds to help your child learn math facts; you and your daughter will play lots of fun games together, and you will have the extra satisfaction after she completes the worksheets that she has in “fact” mastered her Addition and Subtraction Math Facts!

Q: My daughter’s teacher just sent a letter home that asked us to practice Addition and Subtraction Math Facts over the summer. Is Giggle Facts a good program for First Grade Math Facts?

A: Giggle Facts is the best way to practice Addition and Subtraction Math Facts!!! It is so important for students to practice Math Facts consistently to properly learn math facts, and this becomes even more important over the summer when many children forget concepts learned during the school year. You and your daughter will have a lot of fun playing all the games together, and you will be happy knowing that your child will go into Second Grade with a strong foundation in Math Facts!

Q: What do you mean by a Math Fact?

A: An Addition Math Fact is any two whole numbers added together, up to 10+10. A Subtraction Math Fact is any two numbers subtracted one from the other, from 20 down. It is important for children to be able to recall both Addition and Subtraction Math Facts quickly so that they are better able to answer higher-level math concepts in the future. Giggle Facts helps children learning Math Facts in a fun and sequential way!

Q: My son is having a hard time learning Math Facts. I’m just wondering if it’s really that important that he memorizes all his Math Facts? I don’t think we can handle any more flashcards!

A: We believe that memorizing the Addition and Subtraction Math Facts is imperative for children so they are better able to handle higher-level math concepts down the road. Research proves that children who cannot recall their Math Facts quickly are slower to answer more in-depth math problems. Here’s the good news: Giggle Facts will not have you doing boring flashcards… you and your son will play 50 fun-filled math games as you make your way through the whole program. The Math Facts are introduced in small chunks, so your son should have an easier time to learn math facts, and both of you should have a lot more fun, because you will be playing games instead of doing flashcards!!

Q: I’ve seen a lot of Math games out there for First and 2nd Graders. How do I know that this math program isn’t the same as what I’ve already seen in stores and online for help with learning Math Facts?

A: We know it can be overwhelming looking at all the math games that are out there on the market. There are many features that make Giggle Facts unique. One of those features is that the Math Facts have been broken down into manageable chunks for children to learn math; many math games out there contain ALL the Math Facts in the same game, which is difficult for most kids to learn. Another unique feature is the math strategies that are contained in the math program to teach the Math Facts. Children will develop a good number sense at the same time as lerning Math Facts. Most importantly, Giggle Facts is made up of FUN GAMES instead of boring flashcards… kids don’t even know they’re learning… they just think they’re playing, and what could be better than that?!

Q: My 2nd grade daughter should know all her Math Facts by now, but she does not seem to know all of them. Is Giggle Facts a good way to reinforce her Addition and Subtraction Math Facts?

A: Giggle Facts is an excellent math learning program for children who are just beginning to learn their Addition and Subtraction Math Facts, as well as for students who need to reinforce Math Fact strategies and math concepts. You may find that your second grader will be able to go through some of the earlier levels more quickly, but it is important to review the Math Fact strategies at each level, as they build upon one another.

Q: How are the worksheets in Giggle Facts different from the ones I can print off the Internet?

A: Giggle Facts includes 52 practice worksheets. They are different from worksheets on the Web because they are not generic worksheets, but rather they have specific Math Facts included on each one. Giggle Facts is divided into 26 learning levels, and each level covers very specific Math Facts. The worksheets are intended to be used after the math games have been played several times, and they are tailored to the Math Facts at that learning level. Also, every level has a Review worksheet, so the student is not only practicing Math Facts from the current level, but from all previous levels as well.

Q: I am interested in First Grade Math Games for my child. Is Giggle Facts a good place to start?

A: Giggle Facts is a perfect place to start! Learning the Addition and Subtraction Math Facts is absolutely one of the most important foundations a child can learn in Math. In First Grade, children will spend quite a bit of time learning about the concept of Addition and Subtraction, and they will learn about Fact Families and some math strategies as well. Giggle Facts is a perfect way to reinforce what children are learning at school, and it will provide enough math practice (through fun games instead of flashcards!) for them to have an automatic recall of the Math Facts.

Q: Is Giggle Facts only made up of math games?

A: Giggle Facts is a complete math fact learning program that includes 50 fun games, including 33 gameboards. The games are definitely the focus of the math program, since kids love to play games! In addition to the games, Giggle Facts also includes 52 practice worksheets to reinforce the Addition and Subtraction Math Fact strategies and math concepts learned in the games. It also includes fun multi-sided dice, dominoes, playing cards, stickers, game pawns and bingo chips.

Q: Do I have to play all the Math Fact games in Giggle Facts in order?

A: Giggle Facts has been designed as a series of sequential games to cover all of the Addition and Subtraction Math Facts. Some of the math fact strategies from previous levels build on other ones, and the easier Math Facts are introduced earlier on in the program. We would recommend playing the games in order, however, you could skip some levels (ex: you may decide to skip a few of the beginning levels if they are too easy for your child).

Q: What do I do if my child gets the wrong answers to the Addition or Subtraction Math Facts while we’re playing the math games in Giggle Facts?

A: It is very important that you give your child many opportunities to get the correct answer to the Math Facts while you are playing the game. If he gets the wrong answer, simply remind him of the math strategy from the current learning level, and let him try again. If you find that he is consistently answering the questions incorrectly, you might decide to go back a level and play the math games some more to be sure the Math Facts are solidified. The worksheets provided in Giggle Facts will also give you an idea of how your child is mastering the Math Facts.

Q: Why are the Addition Math Facts taught separately from the Subtraction Math Facts in Giggle Facts?

A: Giggle Facts teaches the Addition Facts separately from the Subtraction Facts to allow the student to really solidify the concept of adding before moving on to subtracting. Some of the Subtraction Fact strategies build on previously learned Addition Fact strategies. The relationship between Addition and Subtraction is very important, however, which is why the student is presented with Fact Families (how Addition and Subtraction are related) in the middle of the program.

Q: What is unique about Giggle Facts?

A: Giggle Facts teaches children Addition and Subtraction Math Facts using a step-by-step approach. The Math Facts are broken down into logical parts, and there are math games associated with each of these parts. This is unique because most Addition and Subtraction Math Fact games are intended to play once the child has learned all the Math Facts, not at every level of learning. Other unique features are the various math strategies that are linked to each game, as well as the interesting manipulatives that are included in the Kit.

Q: How do I know if my child is ready to start playing with Giggle Facts?

A: Educational research explains that children learn at different rates and are ready to learn at different times. So, this unfortunately isn’t a black and white answer with a specific age associated with our guidance. In general, a child should demonstrate abilities in three areas before they start learning addition math facts. First, they should be able to easily identify numbers to 20. Second, they should already have mastered counting to 20. And, lastly, they should be able to count and manipulate objects to show understanding of counting (one-to-one correspondence – see glossary) without making the “double-counting mistakes that all children make). If they can do all three of these, they are ready to start learning their addition math facts!

Q: My child has already passed the stage at school of learning his Addition and Subtraction Math Facts, but he is still counting on his fingers. Is Giggle Facts right for him?

A: Absolutely! Many children rely on finger counting to solve basic Math Facts, but it is important that they demonstrate instant recall effortlessly. Giggle Facts will be a great way to reinforce your son’s learning of Addition and Subtraction Math Facts. With 50 math games and 50 worksheets to practice all the Math Facts, he will stop counting on his fingers in no time!

Q: How long should it take a child to progress through all 26 Addition and Subtraction Levels?

A: That depends on the child’s stage of learning Math Facts, their age, how quickly they learn, and on how often you play math games with your child. For example, a 5-year old could take as long as two years to successfully complete the entire set of math games for kids. On the other hand, an 8-year old might only need three to six months. Much of it depends on the frequency of play and on their ability and readiness to learn math facts.

Q: Giggle Facts looks really interesting, but I was a bit surprised at the price. Other games I have bought for my kids don’t usually cost as much. How come?

A: Giggle Facts does not compare to other math games that are on the market. Unlike other games, it is a complete learning program that is intended to last a year or more. It is not just one math game, but 50 math games, and it also includes 52 math fact worksheets, 10 multi-sided dice, playing cards, dominoes and other manipulatives. It has been designed to allow children to play games at every level of learning their Math Facts, which is a very unique concept. Giggle Facts is a fun and effective way to learn Addition and Subtraction Facts!

Q: Can Giggle Facts be used in a classroom? I teach 1st Grade Math, and my students could all benefit from this program!

A: We have a lot of demand from teachers who would like to use Giggle Facts in their classrooms. A Classroom Edition is currently being developed for First Grade Math Games so that teachers could use Giggle Facts in a variety of ways, such as small groups of students at math learning centers in the classroom. We are very excited to launch this new edition of Giggle Facts… please be sure to return to our website often for updates!

Q: How is Giggle Facts different from other Addition and Subtraction MathFact programs?

A: Giggle Facts is unlike any other Math Fact program on the market! Most other math games only allow the child to play the game once they know all of their MathFacts. Giggle Facts has games at EVERY level of learning, so kids can Play Along the Way!

Q: Why did you name the program Giggle Facts?

A: We believe that learning math should be fun, and learning Math Facts shouldn’t be any different. Studies have proven that children who play games to learn Math are more successful in retaining the concepts. So, be sure to “giggle” together as you play the games! As a teacher, my teaching philosophy has always been to make learning as fun and exciting as possible for students. This philosophy is evident throughout Giggle Facts.

Q: Why isn’t Giggle Facts an online math program?

A: There are several Math Fact practice sites on the Internet, where the student completes a number of Addition or Subtraction Math Facts in a limited amount of time. While this does provide an opportunity for the child to practice his/her Facts, he/she is only interacting with a computer. We believe that children need more opportunities to play real board games with a loving adult.

Q: I have two children who could benefit from Giggle Facts? Do I have to buy 2 complete kits?

A: No. Your two kids can absolutely share all the games from one kit, but you will want to buy an additional Student Giggle Guide so each student has his/her own. Have fun playing with them!

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