Because your satisfaction is guaranteed – there is zero risk in buying it. If, for any reason, you choose to return Giggle Facts™ back to Laurie within the first 14 days of owning it, she’ll take it back, and give you a full refund! Now there’s a teacher who believes in what she has created!


Because all the materials are included to let you have fun with your kid(s) while they master their Math Facts!


Because it has 50 math games (that’s a lot!) and math worksheets. The 26 levels include a constant review of strategies and math facts that have been learned.


Because Flashcards are boring. Frown Most Kids and Adults don’t enjoy flashcards. Children love playing board games, card games and dominoes, and Giggle Facts™ is FILLED with a bunch of fantastic, full-color laminated game boards, as well as components that make learning Math Facts a lot of fun!


Because research proves that kids learn best when playing games and having fun. And, since Giggle Facts™ is full of fun math games…well, you get the picture…


Because it ISN’T computer or Internet-based! We all love the convenience that computers have brought us, and the Internet is uber-cool. However, there is no replacement for physically sitting down with a child and giving them the best gift of all – your time and guidance!


Because Laurie created it, and she has a deep passion for creating games for kids to learn in a fun environment. She’s an excellent teacher and tutor, and has put Giggle Facts™ together in a way to share her deep knowledge and passion for making learning math fun!


Because a child’s future success in math is worth far more than just $39.99. With 50 math games, that’s less than $1.00 per game!


Because Giggle Facts™ breaks down the learning of Math Facts into 26 separate levels. No other math program or math games make learning facts so easy (and it really is a lot of fun too!). Children really respond to our step-by-step, fun approach! – we guarantee it!

And, the Number 1 Reason to Buy Giggle Facts is…

Because once children have mastered their Addition and Subtraction Math Facts, they are strongly set to succeed in other more complex math concepts that build upon these “oh, so important” Math Facts!